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Pressure Washing

Pressure washing improves the cosmetic appearance of a building or area by keeping it clean and presentable but it can also minimise health & safety issues caused by algae, moss and other hazards on public walkways or pavements.

We can utilise our expertise in pressure washing to create a bespoke and individual plan for our client’s project, allowing us to provide a quality service with minimal disruption. Our innovative rotary machine allows for ground works to be carried out within a public space, reducing the need for facility closures. Our qualified IPAF/PASMA technicians can tackle even the most challenging of buildings.

+ Facade cleaning
+ Hard surfaces
+ Walkways, carparks, bin stores, open spaces
+ Decontamination work
+ Ground & high level work
As with all our products and services we aim to cover as wide a variety of applications as possible and have identified the following areas as the most common uses for high pressure cleaning/washing:

Walkway & pavement cleaning, brick & concrete cleaning, render cleaning, façade & cladding cleaning, grafitti & gum removal, hard surface cleaning inc guano, tank & vessel cleaning, forecourt & car park cleaning.

High pressure washing can also be used for the removal of moss, algae, vegetation, spills, fat & grease, smoke damage & decontamination work.

Aquaklenz can create a bespoke individual specification for each cleaning project. We adapt our expertise and utilise the most suitable method of operation and equipment to achieve a quality service with the minimum of fuss or disruption to our client or facility.

We always aim to use the most environmentally sustainable products and chemicals available when carrying out all our cleaning works. Aquaklenz can rejuvenate your building to reveal a freshness that may have faded from your property.


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