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Aquaklenz provide a safe and effective solution to improve the appearance of you housing stock and buildings. AlgoClear is scientifically proven to clean render and roughcast safely and effectively. It was adapted to suit weather conditions
prevailing in Scotland.

​Scottish weather plays the perfect host to both red and green algae, most commonly presenting itself as red streaks on certain elevations of your property.

​This is particularly problematic when the surface is white as
discolouration is far more visible. Traditional methods of cleaning
such as pressure washing and the application of bleach based chemicals can cause irreversible damage to your property.

AlgoClear Pro is a biological detergent, inhibiting biological growth
on external hard surfaces.

It does not contain bleach ammonia and is effective on all types of render and roughcast. AlgoClear Pro is the only product approved by both Whetherby and K-Rend textured finishes without voiding their warranties.

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